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Gambling in sports on “who will win” is the most popular way of betting today. Betting is legal in certain countries and illegal in some. If it’s legalized in your country, then it’s definitely something you may try. By nature, betting is a very risky venture. You can put your money on a hot favorite, destined to win but see it all go away in case it is upset. However, many people around the world have made fortunes based on sports betting. In fact, calculated risk taken in sports betting frequently reaps great results.

In PGA there are 36 professional golf tournaments held every year. Adding to it are NCAA golf and even well known amateur tournaments and qualifiers that happen all year round so basically there is a different tournament you can put your money on every week. There are bookmakers and betting websites which can help you put your money on the player you think will double, triple or even at times quadruple your investment. However, getting successful at betting is not very easy. There are a lot of factors at play about which you must have detailed insights to make some money off betting. Here we will deal about how you can become good at betting and make some easy money. Follow this link to know more about Golf Betting.

There are three types of odds that you must have a deep understanding of when it’s golf you want to bet on.

  • Tournament Favourites: It is the first type of betting where the odds are in favor of the person winning the tournament. For instance, if the odds are 5:1 it means you will win 5 times more than what you bet if the player you bet, on wins the tournament.
  • Moneyline: This is about placing bets on pairs. It’s about betting on player A, whom you think will score better than player B in a particular round or the entire tournament. Winning the round or the tournament is not the main agenda here. Player A scoring more than player B is what you put your money on.
  • Round by Round: Here you try to understand the changing scenarios in every round of the game and bet dynamically. For instance, you have put your money on player A, and he was on top after 3 rounds, but at the end of 5th round, he is at mid-table. So in this scenario, you must place further bets to cover the loss which seems probable as player A is dropping down the table.

With a proper insight and idea about the current scenario and past records of players and by studying the statistics of different aspects of the game, you can be sure that you have done your homework before you step into the ring. Let’s see in details how you can gain this insight.

  • Research as much as you can: Do not go charging in for a bet just because the odds on your favorite player are in your favor. Research might show you that he is always bad in the tournament he is playing in right now. Maybe he has sprained wrist. Maybe the golf course is not to his liking.
  • Try round betting instead of tournament betting: There are better odds always for tournament wins than round wins but remember, a lot can happen in a long tournament. So forget that lucrative but long 20:1 tournament win odds and concentrate on a quicker 3:1 6th round win odd on a player. Start less, increase as you find your luck favoring Do not put all your money at the same time and you may end up becoming bankrupt.
  • Big names are not always big money: A mistake that most people make. Most of them think player A is well known because he is a good player and so he will win. However, occasionally even the best players are stunned by a relatively unknown player. Understand that the game is watched by millions as competition is still alive in these games and players other than big names also do win. So betting on the big names every time the calendar rolls out may prove fatal.
  • Pick a credible bookie: There are many bookmakers on the internet that will give you odds to turn your heads. Don’t choose your bookie just by looking at the odds it is offering. Make sure that the website is credible and well known. Make sure that they will be legitimate with your money and they offer sensible bets.

Golf betting can make you some easy money. All you got to do is know about the place where you are putting your money on. It’s just like any other investment. Just as you study before you invest, similarly in betting too, you must know the in and out of the sport before you bet. With ample research and knowledge, you can make good money betting on golf.

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