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Horse Racing Structure – A Quick Guide

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Horse racing has been a popular sport for many years and today, it still keeps its popularity as one ofthe favorite sportto place bets on. In order to place your bet on races successfully, you must fully understand the basics – why lose money when you could read a quick guide instead?

The whole structure of the horse racing may seem a bit overwhelming at first – you should be aware that there are classes the horses have to move through.

First of all, there are the maiden races. Even though there is no specific rule that says it has to be like that, racing horses usually start off their careers here. The horses competing here haven’t won any races so far. Don’t get surprised when you hear that a horse “has broken his/her maiden” – it means it has won its first race so far! There are alsosubclasses in the maiden races themselves: the maiden special weight races (for top-notch horses expecting to quickly move up) and the maiden claiming races (for horses that are not as good as to move classes).

Next, there are the claiming races, where the lowest class of horses competes. The name comes from the fact thatyou can “claim” (or buy, in other words) a horse before the race starts– of course, if the owner wishes to do so! Horses that take part in the races are most often in the similar price range.

Moving up from there are the allowance races. Here, you can’t buy or sell a horse, so the final reward is bigger for the horse owner. The name of this race comes from the fact that a horse has to have a certain weight in order to participate; if not, it has to be “allowed” to do so. Typically, only the losers of other races participate.

Last but not least, the stakes races, where only the best horses that fulfill a set of specific criteria get to compete. The purses here (the winning rewards) can get up to millions of dollars – quite the motivation for horse owners! Another level up from there are the graded stakes race, with three assigned levels: 1, 2, and 3, with 1 being the highest. These are often the most popular races to watch– think of it as a race where only the best of the best compete.

Don’t worry if all seems baffling at the beginning – once you understand the basic structure, it’ll be easier to decide where to put your bets on!

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