Important Equipments that are Required to Play a Racquetball Game

Important Equipments that are Required to Play a Racquetball Game

There are many types of racquet games and out of them racquetball is one of them but this game is little different from the rest of the racquet games because this game is very fast paced. Inventor of this game added a string into the racquet so the ball travels with increased velocity plus string also adds a great control to the ball. In order to play this game, you need to be very fit, need to showcase huge stamina and endurance.

This game is played on an indoor court that is surrounded by the glass walls. Many people think that this game is almost like squash but actually it’s not. The only thing that is common between them is the court while the racquetball equipment is far more different than the squash.

Different types of equipment

Racquets – racquet that is used in this game is very much similar to the game of squash but only in look because the size of racquetball racquet is small as compared to other ones and the string is also wide. The size of the racquet in this game is about 22 inches.

Balls – in this game ball of rubber is used that has a diameter of 2.25 inch. There are many colors of ball used in this game such as green, purple, blue, pink and red. All these ball colors are used for a particular purpose. But the common ball that uses in this is the blue ball that is also considered as the neutral ball that maintains its speed and accuracy throughout a game.

Shoes – in this game use of good and proper shoes is must, because this game is played mostly on smooth and slippery wooden floor. That’s why in this game higher friction shoes are used so that player can quickly change its movement and avoid a slip.

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